PsyToolkit is a free-to-use toolkit for demonstrating, programming, and running cognitive-psychological experiments and surveys. It is suitable for all levels, from students to professionals, from schools to universities. And it is all free and easy to use. This web site is the portal. Choose your option from the links below.

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About PsyToolkit

Click here to get an introduction about what PsyToolkit is, and what it can do for you, whether you are a researcher, a student, a lecturer, or a school teacher. There is a video too!

Web based

Click here to enter (or register for) the free web-based environment. This is great for working from home and doing online data collection around the world!

  • It runs in your browser, without any plugins and without additional software
  • You can program and run experiments online
  • You can share experiments with others
  • You can ask other people to participate online, and collect and save data online
  • You can do online questionnaire surveys, online experiments, and combined these two
  • It has support for online questionnaires in various languages, including 中文, Dutch, and German.
  • Full online documentation, and free to use. Register your free account today!


These lessons demonstrate common cognitive psychological concepts and experiments. You can just look at the phenomenon, and in some lessons data analyses are explained as well. There is a lesson about how to create your own stimuli, and there is an introduction to data analysis (using the statistics software R).

Libary of experiments

A collection of common experiments. Just browse through them and run them within your browser. No login or any other software required. Ideal to learn quickly about all sorts of experiments cognitive psychologists use.


For laboratories: Install PsyToolkit on a Linux computer. Unlike the web based environment, this version is ideal for the psychological/cognitive laboratory where precise timing and use of external keyboards (or other hardware) is desired.